Load Bank Utilization in Microgrid Planning

Microgrids represent small networks of electricity users that generate and distribute a local power supply. They usually attach to a centralized national grid, but can also operate as an independent … Continue reading “Load Bank Utilization in Microgrid Planning”

Best Practices for Microgrid Load Bank Testing

Microgrid power systems provide a network of users with a local source of electricity. Commonly, microgrids attach to the national grid, however, they can also function as a controlled island … Continue reading “Best Practices for Microgrid Load Bank Testing”

Microgrid Applications: What You Should Know

Today’s world depends on an uninterrupted flow of cost-effective electricity. However, many variables, including severe storms, outages, aging infrastructure, and cost pressures can lead to uncertainty in power generation and … Continue reading “Microgrid Applications: What You Should Know”

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