Data Center Commissioning and the Benefits of Load Bank Testing

Commissioning is a quality assurance program. It validates a new data center process or system meets the owner’s requirements. However, owners may not always understand the purpose and value of … Continue reading “Data Center Commissioning and the Benefits of Load Bank Testing”

Best Practices: Load Banks for Generator Testing

Best practices recommend deploying load banks for generator testing to ensure your generators will perform when you need them. Learn more.

Load Bank Testing for Microgrid Components

A microgrid operates while connected to the central power grid. However, it can work on its own during power outages. Conduct load bank testing of all microgrid components to ensure … Continue reading “Load Bank Testing for Microgrid Components”

Testing Microgrid Solar Inverters

Big tax incentives, broader market reach, and innovative technologies have driven down the costs of solar power development. With solar costs getting closer to grid parity, the use of solar … Continue reading “Testing Microgrid Solar Inverters”

Load Bank Utilization in Microgrid Planning

Microgrids represent small networks of electricity users that generate and distribute a local power supply. They usually attach to a centralized national grid, but can also operate as an independent … Continue reading “Load Bank Utilization in Microgrid Planning”

Best Practices for Microgrid Load Bank Testing

Microgrid power systems provide a network of users with a local source of electricity. Commonly, microgrids attach to the national grid, however, they can also function as a controlled island … Continue reading “Best Practices for Microgrid Load Bank Testing”

Microgrid Applications: What You Should Know

Today’s world depends on an uninterrupted flow of cost-effective electricity. However, many variables, including severe storms, outages, aging infrastructure, and cost pressures can lead to uncertainty in power generation and … Continue reading “Microgrid Applications: What You Should Know”

Six Steps for Data Center Substation Commissioning

To ensure a high performing facility, data center operators should take special care during data center commissioning. By following six basic steps for data center substation commissioning, you can address … Continue reading “Six Steps for Data Center Substation Commissioning”

Data Center Commissioning Checklist

To successfully commission a data center, you need to follow a comprehensive plan during each of a building project’s phases. Using a data center commissioning checklist will ensure your project … Continue reading “Data Center Commissioning Checklist”

Best Practices for Data Center Commissioning with Load Banks

If you operate a critical facility like a data center, you must use best practices during data center commissioning. By choosing the right load banks and vendor, you will improve … Continue reading “Best Practices for Data Center Commissioning with Load Banks”

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