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Bridge the Gap between Data Center & AI With Load Bank Testing

Newly installed row of data center servers awaiting a load bank test

Data Centers & AI: Today, Tomorrow & The Future
New technology is continuously being developed to make industries, businesses and organizations faster, smarter and more effective. With new technology comes the acceleration of digital transformations and the push to collect and analyze any and all data. As the world becomes more digital and data becomes even more vitally important, the need for data centers is growing at an exponential rate.

Artificial intelligence has made its way across many industries bringing untapped opportunities to the surface. While AI is not a new technology, there is a consistent effort to make new advancements that have the potential to provide greater benefits.

Follow along as we discuss how AI is affecting data centers now, what the future holds and how load bank testing can help bridge the gap.

AI & Data Centers Today
While there is massive potential on the horizon for AI to transform the way data centers are designed, managed and operated, the process will take time. Currently, AI is being leveraged to streamline processes and improve common data center functions:

  • Alleviate overworked data center staff. The autonomous nature of AI can remove time consuming and tedious tasks from data center operators, like system updates and security patching.
  • Increase efficiencies and minimize downtime. When machine learning algorithms and AI-based applications are added to different areas of the data center, the result is the ability to spot weaknesses and vulnerabilities in the data center’s infrastructure, predict outages and recommend strategies to recover from an outage.
  • Work smarter. Machine learning and predictive analytics get “smarter” the longer they are used and can start to handle tasks once only IT professionals could handle, such as workload distribution and monitoring network congestion.

The Future of AI & Data Centers
AI technology will become more prevalent, making it important to understand the long-term ways in which the data center landscape will likely change. With automation, machine learning, predictive analytics and other AI-based applications; some of the most significant shifts the industry will experience could involve staffing needs and cooling systems.

AI will change staffing needs in data centers
Even now, AI is lessening the workload on data center staff, but as technology moves forward, the need for human technicians may become obsolete. Unmanned automation would allow data centers to essentially function completely on their own. By learning normal network processes and behaviors, the system would be able to notice any deviations and correct them. Less human oversite has the ability to increase the efficiency of data centers while also elevating the safety and security of the facility from both human-errors and cyber threats.

Affordable cooling
Servers must be temperature-controlled to ensure proper functionality and cooling systems account for a significant amount of energy used in data centers. In an effort to reduce the financial burden of cooling a data center, AI applications have been created to learn and analyze temperature, test flow rates and overall evaluate cooling equipment through intelligent sensors placed in the facility. With this technology, cooling systems will be optimized to run more efficiently, minimize equipment wear and tear, create more environmentally stable facilities and make cooling more affordable.

Preparing Your Data Center
The amount of technology, applications, and connectivity needed for data centers to incorporate AI can be a time-consuming and expensive process. In order to be mindful of time and engineering resources, data centers will need to prioritize additions and build scalable platforms to grow with new AI technology.

The first step is to ensure the data center has enough computing power to incorporate AI technology. AI servers need more power than traditional servers meaning data centers will require more wattage circulating through the facility and bigger circuits to handle the additional power.

When new servers and circuits are added to data centers, load testing will critical to ensure performance and proper functionality of the new equipment and facility as a whole. Load bank data center testing is the most effective and reliable way to conduct a load test by fully energizing the entire system, which accurately represents how the facility will operate effectively and safely.

As you begin to incorporate AI technology into your data center, ComRent can partner with you to ensure your facility is prepared. Our data center experts are offering complimentary consultations to create a customized load bank testing plan for your data center. Contact us today to get started.

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