Load Bank Solutions for the Maritime Industry

Ensure Primary and Backup Power Reliability at Sea with ComRent

Maritime Load Testing Maritime Load Bank Solutions Maritime Load Bank RentalsCruise ships, fishing fleets, processing vessels, military ships and shipyards on both coasts of the U.S. have made ComRent their trusted load bank partner. Why? Because we understand the need for correct power systems testing of primary and backup power on ships. ComRent provides load banks for testing generators, diesel and gas turbines on all classes of commercial maritime vessels. We also have the right load bank equipment to test pier-based power mounds and switch gear at ports at shipyards. ComRent can bring our reliable, pre-tested load banks to the dock or right on board, so you can commission primary and backup power systems quickly and completely before setting sail. And we always deliver load banks on time so you can stay on schedule and on budget.

Other ways ComRent load banks rentals deliver value to our maritime clients:

  • A Single Source for Resistive and Reactive Load Banks – ComRent has both resistive and reactive load banks in our vast inventory to ensure your generators perform to nameplate specification and can withstand a lagging, or reactive load—and guard against wet stacking, the leading cause of generator failure.
  • Unparalleled Experience in the Maritime Industry – ComRent is a trusted load bank partner for some of the largest names in the maritime industry. We provide a load bank testing solution ensuring that backup generators on CVN 77 The USS George Herbert W. Bush nuclear-powered aircraft carrier are fully prepared to back up critical systems.