Portable Load Banks for Wind Farm Commissioning

Commissioning Solutions for Wind Farms and Alternative Energy Sources

Wind Farm CommissioningAccelerate time-to-revenue with ComRent

Wind turbine commissioning is highly dependent on ambient wind conditions to test the mechanical and electrical systems of large wind turbines. ComRent has partnered with global leader Aggreko to provide award-winning equipment packages for enabling wind turbine commissioning even when nature doesn’t cooperate. We give you control of your wind turbine commissioning schedule by bringing portable load bank solutions to your wind farm precisely when and where you need them. The result: you have less guesswork and more control over pre-grid commissioning. Your construction stays on schedule so you can prove your wind farm on schedule and start generating revenue.

ComRent delivers value to wind farm projects by:

Wind Turbine Commissioning
  • Ensuring wind farms are tested completely to operational specifications and validate output
  • Allowing deadlines to be met for qualifying for federal and state renewable energy production tax credits (PTC)
  • Helping avoid penalties from utilities by delivering power on time as per agreements
  • Certifying turbine installation and validating system performance, required for obtaining turbine extended warranties
  • Meeting commissioning schedules anytime – summer or winter