Load Banks for the Oil & Gas Industry

Safely Simulate Real-World Loads, Ensure Reliability with ComRent

Load banks for the Oil & Gas IndustryWhether your business is in upstream, midstream, or downstream, a reliable power supply is critical to your success. ComRent has load bank solutions to overcome the risks associated with electrical load testing in the oil and gas industry – safely, quickly, and cost effectively.

Whether you operate a 500kW generator or a 50MW natural gas turbine, ComRent helps you address:

  1. Emissions control
  2. Power degradation from wet slacking
  3. Insufficient exhaust temperature
  4. Unreliable power
  5. Calibration for use of Bi-fuel generators or conversion systems

Load Banks for Oil and Gas

Many in the oil and gas industry benefit from load banks to commission and test cogeneration and backup power generation systems. Our load banks provide that value in the following ways:

Load bank testing for the Oil & Gas Industry

  • Ensure new Tier IV generators meet the reduced EPA emissions requirements with the CR150 dynamic response load bank and comply with manufacturers’ operating specifications for newer SCR and filter systems
  • Commission gas turbines and fine tune digital controls for optimal performance with the correct, complete load that meets manufacturer nameplate specifications
  • Keep oversize generators performing to nameplate specification with additional load banks to reduce emissions, improve operational efficiency and safety on drilling platforms
  • Test large gas turbines and multiple diesel generators correctly with proprietary CR922A medium voltage load banks – the first and only transportable medium voltage load bank in the industry