Load Banks for Government and Military Applications

Cost-Effectively Commission Critical Power with ComRent

Military Load Bank TestingGovernment Load Bank TestingComRent is the most experienced provider of load bank rentals in the industry, so you can count on us for commissioning and maintenance testing of campus power networks at government and military facilities – as well as diesel and gas turbine generators for applications in Navy and Coast Guard vessels. We’ve also provided load banks for testing the new generation of sophisticated electrical systems used in avionics, ground systems, and weaponry research and development. We’re proud of our success in key projects including:

  • ComRent load banks were used to commission the backup diesel generators on CVN 77, the USS George Herbert W. Bush nuclear-powered aircraft carrier
  • As a subcontractor, ComRent used small DC load banks to test several hundred transfer switches that support ground-based systems at Patrick Air Force Base
  • ComRent’s proprietary CR922A medium voltage load banks ensured the backup power system on the Coast Guard Icebreaker Mackinaw would continue to protect the “Queen of the Great Lakes”