AC/DC Load Testing Solutions

Water Cooled Load Banks

Simplify commissioning of critical power systems and chillers. The EXLS is the only portable water-cooled load bank available and it’s available exclusively through ComRent. Using water to transfer thermal energy enables the EXLS to support a wide variety of water cooled applications including water cooled servers in data centers, water cooled UPS systems for backup power systems, water treatment facilities, and process heating systems in pharmaceutical and food and beverage facilities.

Designed for precision control of water temperature and flow rate, the EXLS offers multiple operating modes enabling mechanical contractors and chiller commissioning engineers to comprehensively validate operation of industrial systems prior to project completion.

Exlswatercooled And since the EXLS doesn’t require a cooling fan like traditional load banks, it is nearly silent during operation. So whether you are testing coolant flow rate, chiller efficiency, or critical power systems, the EXLS is your custom solution.