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ComRent-139Improve Data Center Room Validation Testing with ComRent

The ComRent CRLS 11.5 rack-mounted load bank, when used during data center commissioning, provides the ability to conduct a more accurate room validation test compared to using floor standing load banks for testing Computer Room Air Conditioner (CRAC) and Chiller System capacity and room temperature.

Did you know that simulating high-density server operating conditions prior to installation, can minimize reconfiguration and retesting after commissioning?

With its ability to vary electrical load, heat and airflow, the ComRent CRLS 11.5 rack-mounted load bank can be used to precisely simulate the operational conditions of production servers and validate the hot/cold isle cooling design before the first server is installed.  By validating the cooling system’s ability to sustain the designed temperature delta of the production server configuration, data center managers can minimize the risk of having to rework the cooling system or isle configuration of a data center in operation at a later date, which has many inherent pitfalls including downtime, cost and disruption.

Key Features

  • Variable fan speed control: Full adjustment of CFM, Temperature Delta, altitude compensation and ability to fine-tune the applied load, with an adjustment range from 530 CFM to a maximum of 730 CFM per channel.
  • Three load steps per channel: Allowing for five different load combinations, providing a wider array of fine load step resolution at all voltages.
  • Internal or External fan and control power source: External fan and control power allows the unit to be used to create a Black Start condition. The current draw is 2.6 A @ 120VAC with the fan at its maximum setting (internal or external power).
  • Extensive protection system: Thermal protection, power supply shut-down and wrong voltage detection.

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