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Permanent Load Banks

Make Regular Testing Easier with Advanced, Network Integrated, Permanent Load Banks

Regular maintenance testing with permanent load banks is the most efficient way to keep diesel-powered generators, UPS equipment, and other critical power systems working at top performance. It’s also the best way to identify and correct maintenance issues before they lead to equipment failure as well as reduce the risk of the leading cause of generator failure - diesel engine “wet stacking”. But regular load bank testing with load banks usually means putting your technicians into potentially unsafe environments – on icy rooftops or remote locations, exposed to inclement weather conditions.

What if your techs could complete their generator and UPS maintenance load bank tests from safe, climate controlled offices and with a few keystrokes on their laptops? They can with permanent load banks that include ComRent’s EXR remote control capability. Our permanent load banks, with wired or wireless remote control, can be integrated directly into any generator and facility network management center via Modbus TCP/IP or SNMP.

Why Purchase Permanent Load Banks from ComRent?

ComRent’s proprietary communication tool – EXR – enables technicians to control the permanent load bank from any location using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or Ethernet connectivity — even via an Android Smartphone application.

All of our low and medium voltage permanent load banks are customized with electronic controls and are IP addressable – ready for use with your choice of connectivity. The result is unprecedented flexibility in the location and placement of your permanent load banks.

Support and maintenance of permanent load banks is available with our 24/7, 365-day customer support. Our technicians and parts are located just hours away in one of our 18 U.S. locations– so any problem will be fixed fast and cost effectively.

Make regularly scheduled load bank testing safer for your technicians in any weather, regardless of where the load bank is located.

Save on labor costs and technician time for a more efficient load bank testing process. Instead of sending out multiple technicians to test multiple pieces of equipment, one technician can test all equipment remotely.

Learn More About ComRent’s Permanent Load Banks

Whatever your permanent load bank testing needs may be, ComRent will have a solution in our vast fleet of load banks – the largest in the U.S. Download the ComRent Product Catalogue for complete details.