AC/DC Load Testing Solutions

Load Bank Repair & Maintenance Services


Expert repair, service and maintenance, of all major load bank brands


ComRent repairs, services and maintains all brands of load banks.

Load bank out of commission? We can have an experienced load bank technician out to your site within one business day, in most cases, from one of our 18 inventory depots located across the U.S.

Want to be sure your load banks are always ready and operational when you need them? We will work with you to develop a custom maintenance schedule based on the load bank manufacturer’s guidelines and enhanced by ComRent’s expert recommendations. We make our recommendations drawing upon our many years of experience in maintaining and repairing our own load banks, which are the most reliable and optimally performing load banks in the world.

ComRent has the factory trained technical experts to service, maintain and repair any load bank manufactured today. Period. Load banks are our core business, so we can respond with fast, reliable service for any brand, including but not limited to these leading names:

  • Avtron
  • Avtron/Froment
  • Cannon
  • Crestchic
  • Gilbert Electrical

ComRent, with its years of expertise, also has the ability to service and repair load banks manufactured by:

  • LoadTec
  • PSE  (Power Systems Engineering)
  • Simplex
  • TDI (Transistor Devices Inc.)


Why is load bank maintenance important?


Load bank maintenance is often overlooked because of the nature of the equipment – no moving parts or gears to maintain like a generator, for instance. The fact is, however, that the environment can have an eroding effect on load bank resistors, wiring and contacts. And you don’t know that there’s a problem until your load bank malfunctions or fails the first time you start it up after it has sat idle for many months.

ComRent understands that load bank failure is costly to your business in many ways, especially in terms of project schedule delays, idle production teams and disruption to business continuity. That’s why we’ve designed our load bank maintenance and repair services to align with your specific brand of load bank and your business requirements – with reliability and safety as the goals.

Why load bank maintenance and service from ComRent?

  • ComRent understands the critical need for reliability and safety in load bank equipment. Load banks are our only business and we have more technical expertise in-house than any load bank manufacturer or general equipment service company.  
  • Our technicians routinely inspect, maintain, and repair our own rental load bank equipment before and after every job, so they have the knowledge and expertise to find the problem fast and fix it right the first time.   
  • ComRent can have an experienced load bank technician on site within one business day, in most cases, from one of our 18 inventory depots located across the U.S.  
  • We can also help keep your electrical testing and maintenance project on schedule by offering load bank rentals to bridge the gap while your equipment is being repaired.

Let ComRent’s load bank maintenance services help you avoid unexpected and costly load bank issues. And if your equipment ever has an emergency issue, we’re just a phone call away.