Load Bank Rentals


The Largest Load Bank Rental Fleet in North America


When it comes to commissioning and testing mission critical electrical, mechanical and thermal loads, what load bank rental company can you trust to have the right equipment when you need it and where you need it – without fail? The answer is ComRent.

Why Rent Load Banks from ComRent?

Supplying load banks for testing and commissioning mission critical power generation and distribution systems is our only business. And we have the largest load bank and cable fleet in North America, including: resistive, reactive and capacitive load banks. We also rent transformers, switchgear and power quality monitors so we can serve all of your testing and commissioning needs.

We can test any load from 1kW to 50MW at low or medium voltage, AC or DC. In fact, we are the exclusive provider of transportable medium voltage load banks that do not require transformers. As a result, you can run a faster, more accurate test while benefiting from easier set up and tear down.

With ComRent, you can be sure load banks will be delivered on time to meet project schedules, because we have 18 locations across the U.S. We are just hours away from any customer, any project, and any load bank testing need.

We test load banks before we deliver them to a customer’s site, and test them again when they come back to ensure reliability on the job. And with more than 30,000 load tests performed and a 99.99% on-site success rate, there’s isn't a more experienced company in the business.

Learn More about Load Bank Rental Solutions from ComRent

Explore the breadth and depth of ComRent’s load bank and equipment inventory. Download our product catalog for complete details.