AC/DC Load Testing Solutions


Our innovative load bank testing equipment knows no borders. From Saudi Arabia to Brazil, Japan to Australia, China to Angola and beyond, ComRent delivers our load bank expertise across the oceans and to your door.

To best serve load bank customers in other countries, ComRent partners with local leaders in power generation to ensure we can deliver the same high quality load bank equipment and service as we do in the U.S. The ComRent advantage is:

  • Local Accessibility to Proprietary Load Bank Equipment – ComRent offers international customers load bank equipment that other providers cannot thanks to our collaborative relationships with innovative equipment manufacturers. For example, our CR922A 5MW medium voltage load bank – the first and only one of its kind in the industry – was designed by ComRent.
  • Save Delivery Time and Costs – Local accessibility of load bank equipment means significant savings in delivery time and cost – no more waiting weeks or months for equipment delivery from the U.S. and paying high freight costs.
  • Ensure Project Success – An expert team consisting of local ComRent-trained technicians will act as your trusted load bank advisors. Through strategic international partnerships, ComRent can meet any project specifications regardless of size or customization. We can recommend and implement best practices for load bank testing based on the test environment and industry – all on time and on budget.

For more information about our international partnerships in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Brazil, please download our data sheets.

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