AC/DC Load Testing Solutions

Cx Monitor

Gain Efficiency with the First Integrated Monitor Specifically Designed for Data Center Commissioning

Power quality monitoring of data center generators and UPS equipment during commissioning – plus reporting – is tedious. It’s also time consuming when you must use different pieces of equipment to cover power quality, high speed recording, temperature, and humidity monitoring. What if you could save time and have the same reliable industry standards of a Drantez™, Astro-Med™ and HoBo™ in a single, powerful, easy-to-use power quality monitor that automatically generates reports? You can with the ComRent Cx Power Quality Monitor™.

Cx Monitor gathers voltage and current data required for commissioning tests and collects temperature and humidity data for up to 100 locations per monitor. What’s more, all monitors are time synched from the factory as well as the field. Designed to use both traditional and wireless connectivity, the Cx Monitor is easy and intuitive to learn and use. It generates 95 percent of reports automatically right after tests are complete. Finally, free, open protocol software upgrades ensure the Cx Monitor software will work on every laptop, regardless of operating system.