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DayCor® Corona Camera

coronacameraSee corona damage in daylight and Increase Grid Reliability

System stability and reliability plays a major role in many industrial and private sectors including: utilities, high-voltage laboratories, research institutes, railways, mining, service providers, oil & gas, and many others. Now you can see corona damage in daylight with pinpoint accuracy with the handheld DayCor® Corona Camera from ComRent.

ComRent has found that a corona camera is the perfect complement to load testing as it gives our customers yet another powerful way to avoid the costs of unexpected downtime and repairs, while extending equipment life. Even better, using the DayCor® Corona camera to detect corona damage during the day makes it safer and more convenient for your maintenance technicians.

Improve the value of regular testing and inspection – and catch corona problems before they become costly maintenance issues by renting the DayCor® Corona Camera from ComRent:

  • Prevent critical damage on insulators, support structure grounding, transformers, and conductor switches
  • Get early warnings of potential equipment failures
  • Accurately manage and prioritize maintenance schedules
  • Extend the life of equipment assets
  • Reduce downtime and repair costs caused by corona damage

Key features

  • Bi-spectral imaging to capture corona phenomenon in three distinct modes
  • See UV emission generated by corona phenomenon in daylight
  • Identifies corona damage in daylight with pinpoint accuracy
  • Accurately pinpoints sources of corona, partial discharge, and micro arcing
  • Displays clear UV images to show exactly where damage is located
  • Non-destructive (NDT) remote sensing instrument unaffected by heat

See what you’ve been missing. Rent the DayCor® Corona Camera

ComRent is proud to offer our customers the most advanced corona camera for safe, reliable daytime inspection in an extremely portable handheld unit. Contact us and learn how a corona camera rental can become a core part of your predictive maintenance plan.