White Papers / Presentations

Information Technology Topics

Six Benefits of Load Bank Testing and What They Mean For Your Commercial Facility

Three Load Testing Approaches to Minimize Downtime and Increase Efficiency of Local Power Systems

Using Load Bank Solutions to Optimize Data Center Commissioning

Optimizing Power Distribution for High-Density Computing

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity for SQL Servers Through a Standby Approach

Ten Errors to Avoid When Commissioning a Data Center

Right-Sizing Your Power Infrastructure

Data Center Projects: Commissioning

Data Center Power Distribution Architecture

The Four Trends Driving The Future of Data Center Infrastructure

When a Standby Generator is Needed for Small Data Centers and Network Rooms

Managing Data Center Power and Cooling

Reducing Data Center Energy Consumption by Creating Savings that Cascade Across Systems


Maritime & Shipbuilding Topics

Maritime and Port Security 

Management of Shipyard Projects: Insights and Lessons Learned

Construction & Commissioning Topics

Building Commissioning: The Early Project Phases 

How To Commission Sustainable Construction In Further Education Colleges

Evolution of Commissioning within a School District: Provider and Owner/Operator Perspectives

Why Commission Lighting Control Projects?

Commissioning for Great Buildings

Integrated Systems Commissioning

Best Practices and Economic Benefits of Commissioning, Load Testing, and Facility Optimization.


Utilities, Transmission & Distribution Topics

North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) Critical Infrastructure Protection

Strategies for Greater Efficiency and Sustainability

The Aurora Power Grid Vulnerability

Untangling FERC & State Jurisdiction Interconnection Issues

The Lull After the Storm: Disaster Management for Utilities