Nuclear Power

Load Banks for the Nuclear Power Industry

Ensure Regulatory Compliance with ComRent

nuclearplantThe new NRC regulations, based on lessons learned from the 2011 Fukushima accident, require more frequent and comprehensive testing of onsite emergency generators and blackout power systems. Be confident that your backup generators for critical safety, cooling and power systems are compliant. Test them under real load with ComRent load banks. ComRent provides load bank solutions, consulting, and operators for testing mission critical emergency power systems and controls at nuclear power plants. We understand the need to meet the stringent regulations of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and other governing bodies. Most of all, we understand the nature of the nuclear power environments and have designed load bank testing solutions that are safe, efficient and fine-tuned to meet a nuclear power plant’s rigid production schedule.

Load bank testing of emergency power systems is our business, and we have the largest load bank and cable fleet in North America to support it. Make ComRent your trusted partner to deliver a fully tested, reliable load bank to your plant facility with preset requirements to meet specifications to load test on time and on budget.