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Load Banks for Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities

Meet Joint Commission Testing Requirements with ComRent

hospitalspicPower outages are a threat to patient safety and puts hospitals in non-compliance of industry standards. Load testing with ComRent’s load banks on a regular basis is a hospital’s best defense to ensure backup equipment can sustain the lagging load when triggered. Here’s how Cornet can help healthcare facilities meet Joint Commission E.C. 7.40, ASHE, and NFPA standards – and ensure uninterrupted power to critical patient care systems – with regular testing using load banks:


  • Meet the mandatory minimum standards of the American Society of Hospital Engineers (ASHE), which recommends monthly equipment resistive testing, as well as total system testing with a reactive load to validate performance under emergency conditions.
  • Meet Joint Commission regulations to perform a gap analysis on the emergency power system that matches the critical equipment and systems needed in an extended emergency against the equipment and systems actually on the emergency power system. ComRent is the proven expert in testing mission critical power generation systems to NFPA standards in several industries
  • Correctly test today’s high-power, high-capacity generators. ComRent brings proprietary CR922A load banks directly to your backup power plant—along with the high-power cable required for full load testing.
  • Set up a regular maintenance testing schedule with ComRent. Build testing with load banks into your annual budget – and let ComRent take all the guesswork out of correctly maintaining backup generators.