It’s a fact. Generators must be tested and maintained under load to ensure peak operating performance when you lose power from your utility. Think about how much it would cost if your generator failed to start or operate to the manufacturer’s specifications. That’s why you need an experienced, professional partner that provides any type of load bank when and where you need it. ComRent rents load banks for testing diesel and gas turbine generators for a wide range of customers, including data centers, utility companies, wastewater treatment plants, oil and gas companies, hospitals, and the maritime industry. But we’re more than just an equipment rental company. We provide a higher level of service to help ensure you have the right equipment for the right test:

Proprietary Medium Voltage Load Bank – We built the first and only medium voltage load bank rental fleet in North America. Our CR922A 5MW load bank is custom engineered to test medium voltage generators so you don’t have to rent a transformer. That means less cost in freight, labor, and cables. As a result, you get more accurate test results in less time without project delays. In fact, ComRent has the largest inventory of load banks in North America, so we can support any test and create the most optimal testing environment.

Resistive and Reactive Test Solutions – ComRent understands the value of both resistive and reactive testing to ensure a complete, accurate test of the generator’s performance. This ensures the generator can withstand a lagging or reactive load without risk of failure and downtime. In addition, we provide parallel testing on medium voltage generators with no transformers for faster commissioning. That’s more cost effective in the long run.

Technical and Consulting Expertise – Our technical experts are trusted solutions consultants who help plan equipment placement, access, ingress, and egress, plus end-to-end logistic coordination and roll-out and roll-up services. We’ll help ensure a safe, risk-free commissioning experience.