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Load Banks for Data Center Commissioning

Solutions Designed for Data Center Commissioning

rackaisleDesigned especially for data center commissioning, ComRent’s rack-mounted load banks precisely simulate high density server loads and air flow for the most accurate and complete hot aisle/cold aisle testing. We provide resistive, reactive and capacitive load banks in low or medium voltage to cover the entire scope of your commission and testing requirements. Our dedicated solutions for data center commissioning include:

  • The CRLS 11.5kW rack mounted load bank – Designed in collaboration with the data center industry to provide accurate simulation of high density servers. The CRLS models real-world scenarios, helps confirm CFD air flow modeling and validates facility PUE calculations.
  • ComRent EXLS water cooled load bank system – The EXLS is the first in-aisle portable water cooled load bank designed for precision testing of critical power and chiller systems. Controllable via Wi-Fi and Ethernet, The EXLS precisely emulates the data center’s actual production environment and features a proprietary tankless heat exchange design to reduce the risk of spills and leaks.
  • ComRent Cx Power Quality Monitor™ -- The Cx Monitor is a single solution for gathering voltage and current data required for commissioning data center tests. It collects temperature and humidity data for up to 100 locations per hour.= and generates 95% of reports automatically after testing.

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