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As global leader in load bank rentals and services, ComRent is bringing new innovations to the commissioning and testing of mission critical installations, facilities and power generating systems through new products and applications in many different industries. You can learn how these advances benefit your business right here in the Knowledge Center.

Download and read the latest white papers on our load bank equipment and testing solutions. Or check out our cases studies to learn how ComRent load banks are enabling customers from a wide range of industries to commission and load test equipment more consistently, completely and cost effectively. We hope you’ll come away with new ideas on how ComRent can make generator, back-up power system and other commissioning projects more successful for you with load banks from ComRent.

Don’t forget to check out our Frequently Asked Questions if you’re new to load bank testing. For example, you’ll learn the important difference between testing with load banks and testing with plant load – and why testing with load bank is so much safer and more complete.

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